Moonshine & Hennessy Available on iTunes

Moonshine & Hennessey is now available on iTunes. Last month, Salis released the album as a digital download on bandcamp.comMoonshine & Hennessy, is a thirteen-track collection of Country Rap Tunes, which features his lastest single titled “Me”. However “Stripper Party” and “Dysfunctional” appear to be fan favorites, and are now trending on social media.“I’m really grateful for my fans, and the avenues they’ve used to purchase my album.”, Salis commented.

The full track list includes:

  1. The Intro
  2. Coming Down
  3. Switching Lanes
  4. Caddy Musik Part 2
  5. Me
  6. Roll With Me
  7. Pimp Dream (Intermission)
  8. Money on My Mind
  9. Strike a Pose
  10. Stripper Party
  11. Tryna Make It
  12. Dysfunctional
  13. True 2 Self

In addition to iTunes, Moonshine & Hennessy is also available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and the Google Play store.

“Download the album today,” he added. “And be sure to take a sip of Moonshine or Hennessy while listening.”


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March Madness

March was a busy, yet, trill month for Salis and his team. And, if you happened to miss the “March Madness” scroll down. Fans were able to check out the rapper in his hometown of Charleston, SC.

March 12th: Moonshine & Hennessy Listening Party @ Silver Dollar

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Retro Flow Entertainment & Luchi Royale, gave fans an exclusive listen to Moonshine & Hennessy, days before the actual release. tawana tee (Manager/Publicisit) hosted the event, while OG the DJ provided the music. Local fans, Media Reps,  and out of towners were all in attendance for the listening session.

March 16th: Moonshine & Hennessy Album Release

Moonshine & Hennessy was released as a digital download on Salis also celebrated his birthday, and the second anniversary of the Cadillac Chronicles LP.

March 26: Monday Digital Show @ The Music Farm

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Photo Credit(s): Ill Vibe the Tribe & The Charleston Chronicle

Atlanta-based/Grammy nominated producer, Sonny Digital, performed at the Charleston Music Farm. Before a live DJ set of Sonny’s hit producing tracks, Salis kicked off the show with his own #CountryRapTunes. He performed Ballin & Mackin, a few tracks from  Moonshine & Hennessy , and held a special tribute to the late Pimp C. The Monday Digital Show, was hosted by Southern Wealth in Music (S.W.i.M), and also included performances from DJ Tantrum, Black Dave, OxyxMoron, and Matt Monday.

So, what can fans expect next? Salis only responded with two words…”stay tuned.”


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Moonshine & Hennessey: Listening Party

Listening Party Flyer

On Saturday, March 12, fans can listen to Moonshine & Hennessy before the release date.  Retro Flow Ent., LuChi Royale, tawana tee, and OG the DJ will join Salis in celebration of his new album.

Event Info:

Where: Silver Dollar (Downtown Charleston)

When:Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This is a public event for guest 21+ (with valid id). For more information, email and/or 843.367.3294.

Moonshine & Hennessy will be released on March 16.


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New Music: “Me” (Produced By: Basegang Mac)

Salis makes his way back to the indie music scene with a new #CountryRapTune.  “ME”, produced by Basegang Mac, will be the first “official”  single from his new album (Moonshine & Hennessey).


Listen to “Me” and your favorite songs from Cadillac Chronicles and Cadillac Summer here.


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Weekend Recap @ the Charleston Pour House

“843, y’all ready?” Salis asked a crowded audience, last Friday, at the Charleston Pour House. In celebration of Matt Monday’s Filthy album, Salis shared the stage with South Carolina’s most talented emcees. 

He opened the show with a freestlye to Mobb Deep’s hit “Shook Ones”, and all of the true hip hop fans  appreciated it. And, then there were those who just couldn’t resist taking a ride with Salis in his Cadillac.


Salis performed both  “Caddy Musik” and “Ballin & Macking” from the Cadillac Chronicles EP; and two tracks from his forthcoming project. It was a new sound for the  James Island venue… but it was a night to remember.  


Salis (centered) with some of the performers.  

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New Music-“Money On My Mind” (prod. by: Mossberg Montana)

Salis is back with brand new music. So, stop what you’re doing and take a listen to these “country rap tunes over a molly beat.” “Money on My Mind”, produced by Mossberg Montana,  is the first single on his upcoming album.

Listen here:

money on mind

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…Tis the Season of Ridin’ Musik

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Cadillac xmas


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Salis shares his top five UGK & Pimp C songs

Rest In Peace Pimp C

rip pimp

Today (December 4) marks seven years since the death of UGK rapper Pimp C (aka Sweet James Jones). His unexpected death shook the entire Hip Hop Community, and Salis who’d always been a die hard fan.

“I felt like it was a conspricay and that someone had killed him. There was no way that he’d gone out like that,” said Salis. “I remember listening to nothing but UGK for a month straight, still thinking damn why did they kill Pimp.”

But proceeding Pimp C’s death, Salis was a college athlete, who did not have an interest in a rap career. Today, he’s now settled into the indie music scene as a new artist. Colors “The Network Man”, Co-Founder of Those to Watch Radio, recently referred to Salis as the “Underground King of South Carolina”. And,to pay homage to Pimp C, Salis shares his top five UGK and Sweet James Jones songs.

“Pimp always keep it one hundred…no matter what. Always speaking his mind, he stood on his own two as a real man should.”

Salis chops it up with his publicist tawana tee, as they countdown some of the best “Country Rap Tunes” of all times–in his opinion.

#5  “Pocket Full of Stones” (1992)

I gotta pocket full of stones
I gotta pocket full of stones
I gotta pocket full of stones
And they won’t leave my ass alone

tawana tee: So what song are we going to start with?

Salis: Let’s take it back to 92-93 with ‘Pocket Full of Stones’ from ‘Too Hard to Swallow’ and the ‘Menance II Society’ Soundtrack.

tawana tee: Okay. Now there is one particular verse in this song that I want to ask you about. Everyone knows that you are loyal consumer to the Cadillac Brand, but how loyal ? Per Bun B, he goes to say sold my Cadillac, and bought a Lexus Sport Coupe. Would you ever trade in your Cadillac for another luxury brand…or nah?

Salis: I’m very loyal. I would never trade in my Cadillac for another brand. Upgrade or expand my inventory…yes. But, everything in my drive way will be a Cadillac.

#4 “Let Me See It” (2001)

Let me see it, let me see it
Bend over, let me see it.

tawana tee: Well, let me just say that this next track will always be a classic to me.

Salis: Yeah. ‘Let Me See It’ is my shit. As a youngin, I remember attending countless parties and the DJs playing this song. A young playa got it in to the track.

tawana tee: But why didn’t Pimp want this to be a Hip Hop record?

Salis: Because Tee…It’s not! This here is a country rap tune. Pimp made that clear at the end of the song. These country rap tunes. Hol’ up…So, you could separate us from the rest. Like I told you the last time.

tawana tee: And, you’re all about making Country Rap Tunes…so how does your brand and style of music separate you from the rest?

Salis: As an artist, I don’t make trendy music because that shit don’t last. So in order to separate myself from the rest…I must remain true to myself. My fans recognize this, and that’s what matter. I only make music for my core audience.

#3 “I’sa Playa” (2001)

I’sa Playa, I’sa Mack, I love getting at these ladies but not
Like I love my paper stacks

tawana tee: Number three on the list  comes from the ‘Sweet James Jones Stories’ released in 2001. “I’sa Playa” featured Bun, Twista and Z-Ro. What’s your favorite verse?

Salis: Keep on neglecting your girl, young Pimp C gone be spending your time.

#2 “I Know You Strapped” (2005)

I know ya strapped
But you cowards like to play hard
But knowing that you don’t wanna catch a murder charge

tawana tee: Last week, you dropped an unofficial remix to Def Loaf’s ‘Try Me’. I guess you had to get some things off your chest?

Salis: Yeah, it had to be done.

tawana tee: And, when I listened to ‘I Know You Strapped’, it’s clear that Pimp was doing the same thing. Throughout this song he mentioned the game being filled with a lot of cowards. Is that still valid today?

Salis: The game will always be full of cowards. You just can’t expect everybody to follow the same principles. So, it’s your job to always do one of two things…protect yourself and keep your third eye open.

#1 “Diamonds and Wood” (1996)

I flips down the ave, now I’m lookin good
I’m bangin’ screw nigga diamonds up against that wood
I flips down the ave, now I’m lookin good
I’m bangin screw, nigga diamonds up against that wood

tawana tee: And, now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…’Diamonds and Wood’ at the number one spot.

Salis: This is dedicated to them boys ridin slabs. I was 13 when I first heard this song. I was with my big bro Joey and we were cleaning his Caprice. I think ‘Diamonds and Wood’ also added to my obsession with classic cars. Play this song one time, and you will feel like you’re driving in a big body Lincoln, Oldsmobile, or Lac. Just some classic shit. And, don’t let me have a full tank of gas. I’m riding all over my city listening to the ‘Ridin Dirty’ album with ‘Diamonds and Wood’ on repeat. So, it was only right to pay homage to UGK by opening the ‘Rains Falling’ video with this song. This is my favorite track of all time.Rest in Peace Pimp C…its Salis, nigga.




Please note: Music samples are shared from various subscribers on



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New Music Alert: “Try Me” (Remix)

Salis drops an unofficial remix to Dej Loaf’s “Try Me” which may come as a surprise.


Well, this freestyle is far from the country rap tunes and riding music he’s released previously. You’ve all listened to Cadillac Chronicles and Cadillac Summer. But if you haven’t, both EP’s epitomize the Charleston (South Carolina) rapper.

First, Salis music is heavily influenced by UGK; he wishes he’d been raised in the 70s; and his Caddy stay gleaming…down to the wood grain and leather seats. To date, bloggers and even local publications have become quite intrigued with his unique style of rapping; nonetheless, he makes it very clear that he stays in his own lane.

Unlike the vast majority of rap artists of his hometown, he steers away from the norm, but he’s also bypassed some haters along the way.

When Salis was asked about the track, he simply replied “I had to do it.”  Nothing further. So it’ll be up to you to decide if shots are being fired, or whether or not Salis just wanted to add a “southern” drawl to the Detroit natives track.

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“Cadillac Talk” with the Executive Producer

There has been a lot of talk throughout the Lowcountry about Cadillac Summer; the fans are all saying the same thing–“this CD rides.” Those who joined Salis during the production phase even agreed.

Everyone knew that this would be a dope follow up to Cadillac Chronicles . Salis’ publicist even tried to deny this while playing Cadillac Summer in her Hyundai Sonata .But once  she heard it post-production,  it created
a whole new listening experience. And while no other Charleston-based artist can spit “country rap tunes” like Salis, we can’t forget his producers.

The production of this EP plays a major role in the fans “riding” to one and/or all five tracks (six with “Ballin & Mackin as a bonus). So, it was only right to see how they (the production team) felt about Cadillac Summer.  We decided to first catch up with the Executive Producer.


Meet Louie. Not only is he the Executive Producer, but he says he’s a fan.

“Salis has a unique voice and style that can take him to the next level. A HUMBLED GUY. I first met [Salis] while recording him on another rappers song. Instantly, his voice stayed in my head; So him allowing me to executive produce his project was a honor because I’m actually a fan.” -Louie

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